Monday, 14 March 2016

Your Washing Machine Does Not Need Cleaning?

If your washing machine smells bad even when it is not filled with dirty clothes, then it is time to clean it. Actually, in order to avoid getting that bad odour at all, you should make sure that you periodically clean your washing machine.

Despite the fact that it is used for washing, the washing machine is not always perfectly clean. Actually, there is probably a lot of soap residue, mildew and mold in your washing machine. To avoid such instances of bad odours occurring, it is recommended to clean your washing machine once a month.

One natural and safe way to do it is to add straight vinegar to the water when the washing machine is set on its soaking program, and leave it like that for a few hours and then run one regular cycle. This should clean up any clogging and residue of the drum.

Another efficient and safe method involves the use of two cups of vinegar poured into the drum, and a quarter of a cup of baking soda in the detergent drawer. Then the washing machine must be set at the highest temperature setting for a normal load.  Let it do its job, and after it is done, just rinse it off with some clean water and a sponge. This should leave you with a clean and fresh smelling washing machine, which is ready to be used and to provide you with a load of clean and nice smelling laundry.

After you do this, examine the inside of your washing machine for any leftover build up or gunk and give it a scrubbing with a mixture of salt and baking soda. You can use the same mixture to make sure the rubber gasket is all cleaned up of all the nasty soap residue and other smelly stuff.

Choose whichever method you want, and do it once a month in order to keep your home and laundry smelling nice and clean. Overall, this process doesn’t take too much time or effort, and is quite cheap and safe too, so waste no time – go make sure your washing machine is clean!
There are some other useful tips can help reduce the risk of ending up with a smelly washing machine. One of them is to leave the door open if you have a front-loading machine. This will help air it out. Make sure that you children or pets stay safely away from the open washing machine.

The drainage holes can easily be cleaned with a Q-tip and by adding some hydrogen peroxide will also help kill any unpleasant odour. This is important, because a smelly washing machine will lead to smelly clothes – and no one wants that, right?

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