Thursday, 18 February 2016

Bruce Sterling Interview on DesignBoom

When I was working on the "a day in the life of a designer's smart things, 2030" project, I had the pleasure of getting some insight and advice from Bruce Sterling. When we got a little stuck halfway through the writing process he offered his thoughts on how the storyline could evolve.
The story in the diagram takes place in the year 2030, so who better to ask about the future than the man who's been writing design fiction for decades? As I'm sure he's a very busy man, I was amazed that he took an interest to our project at all. And that makes Bruce Sterling pretty cool in my book.
If you've seen our 2030 diagram, and you're not sure who Bruce Sterling is, take a moment to read his interview at DesignBoom, you'll immediately understand why his work served as an inspiration for the piece.

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